Meeting package

Business gatherings become an unforgettable experience.

Van Rossum’s Boardroom is equipped with all modern conveniences. It also features its own kitchenette with a well-stocked fridge and a fully automatic coffee machine allowing you to brew various types of coffee. In the meeting room, there’s a buffet including coffee and tea essentials, fresh ginger and mint, unsalted nuts, energy bars, and hand fruits.

Half-day €15.- per person
Full day €25.50 per person
  • Unlimited coffee, tea
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • Well-stocked fridge with assorted soft drinks
  • Cookies and hand fruits on the table
  • Various delightful snacks served at a distance in the morning and afternoon

Would you like to add a hot snack to your gathering? You can! You can choose from:

Sausage roll + 5
Beemster cheese roll + 4.50
Vegan empanadas + 2.50
Platter with various sweets + 4.50

Prices do not include rental of the boardroom.
A half day costs €325 and a full day costs €525.