Van Rossum Gold Key

A Green Key certificate is the international hallmark for sustainable businesses in the recreation and leisure industry

Van Rossum is committed to minimizing the impact of the enterprise on nature and the environment. Van Rossum’s café, restaurant, and Stadshotel proudly hold the Green Key Gold certification, the highest level. Being mindful of water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, climate control, utilizing sustainably certified suppliers, and incorporating organic and/or fair trade products are integral to this accreditation.

The former arsenal in Woerden, a national monument, underwent complete interior renovation. The installation of the atrium with a glass roof at the heart of the building was the most significant alteration. This transformed the dark storage area into a well-lit space, exposing the robust oak beam structure. Furthermore, advanced sustainability techniques were heavily employed during construction. All lights are automated. The café and restaurant downstairs, as well as the hotel upstairs, are now seamlessly interconnected; someone on the second floor can almost see the plate of a restaurant guest downstairs. Additionally, the building is entirely sustainable, recycling all heat within the premises.

Green Key Gold recognizes highest level of sustainability in hospitality industry